The First Centaur, by Andi
As far as I know, this is the first playmocentaur - and got me dreaming of my own since!

Perkey, the Eastern Wild Turkey, by Countess Krystal
(See the making of: How I Cooked Up My Thanksgiving Turkey, by the Countess)

Bat Knight, by Princess Erika

Portuguese Football Player, by Princess Erika

Prisoner, by Princess Erika

Scotsman, by David de warrens

Circus Artist, by Sir Brian
(photo by Countess Krystal)

Lion Tamer, by Countess Krystal

Rancher Rikki, by Countess Krystal

Christian and Prudence Pyle-Grimm, by Countess Krystal

Vampire Princess, by Countess Krystal

The White Lady, by Countess Krystal

Benedictine Monk, by Sir Brian
(photo by Countess Krystal)

Renaissance Painter, by Sir Brian
(photo by Countess Krystal)

Paddy O' Bil, by Countess Krystal

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