02 June 2017

Finally, the big day!

We got there around 7:40, there were a few people...

And this train, with that gorgeous wagon properly made up was a good entertainment all day long.

The humans struck conversation with fellow fans, and some were also present on the 1992 show... I wish. But I wasn't born then. Along with MANY of the other humans there!

If the this show was a month later, it would be exactly 25 years after!

Midmorning we were moved in the cattle fences. Oh goody.

It was a long long wait:

And on the other side of that thing:

(she is STILL hopeless with a camera - we had to TRY to do something with these)

One of us didn't get sunburned - care to guess who?

EVENTUALLY, we went it.... quite later than planned, I think. It was the same in London. WHY!?

Anyways, we got settled in the place we wanted, so.. all good.

More waiting. One of us didn't get a squared butt.

Instead of the garbage bins full of water the humans had told me about, there was this water thing. How.... quaint. In the 1992 concert, there were green garbage bins full of water up front, to quench the thirst of the audience... I was disappointed not to experience that. Next to it is the confetti cannon .. well, one of them.

First opening act, the same as last year, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown (the woman there is the GNR photographer).

They were great, again!

Then... the second opening act - boring.

You're not missing anything - they just stood like that the whole time.

It's not that the music was bad or anything, just not fit for this, especially after those other guys. And not in an open air show for 58000 people.

The screen showing the logo was vastly more interesting and entertaining:

Finally - the techs climbing to their places!

You know what this means? ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST!

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