6841 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Fisherwoman

Wonderful, and a great company to the fisherman in the previous series

Have no idea how to put so many klickys on the fishboat, but I'll think of something.

10. Vampire

She does make a different vampire lady... The face is a bit.. odd. My favorite vampire face print is still the first one from the special.

The klicky is quite unusual, color wise..

The little bat on the hair is great So we kept two of them, and they are bats, not hair thingies.

11. Winged Fighter

Not sure what she is supposed to be, but I immediately liked her!

The wings, though a known sculpt, look completely different in this color. And of course I don't like the hair, but that is easily fixed.

Real shame about the hole in the back, mostly ruining (at least without extensive work) what is one of the best torso sculpts available - and for the first time in black! I wonder how will the black milliput look there... I think I'll find out

All the wings came in the frames, like this:

There is something off in her (besides the hair), but I really can't put my finger on it. Could it be the blue in the boots? Not sure.

But I really like this one.

12. Waitress

Though there is really nothing special about her, she is GREAT. And it's nice that the donut is included

The skirt is pretty, with the apron, and it's of the removable kind. In a way a shame, cause they are bulkier on the sides.

A beautiful unique waitress. Another perfect example of what can be done in the figures.

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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