70243 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Lady with Dog

She is beautiful - another big skirt, and in pinks, but being a speedo, not THAT common. The puppy is not new, but not common either .

The klicky has really beautiful legs, in fact, too nice to be under the skirt!

These are not very common.. I find them inappropriate for her, but I like them, especially the bracers (for some reason ).

10. Snow Walker

A gorgeous winter klicky.

That torso is beautiful... It's a shame the print is not all over.. and though I LOVE the base color (duh, right?), this one is not considered "cleanable", being too gorgeous for that, so.. why brown?

Since being bagged could maybe not be enough, a rubberband was also used

11. Gnome

Odd originally, but the torso is beautiful, and new in this color

The basket in white is also very welcome.. and a new mushroom!

The hat is interesting, with that print. The pouch is also new in this odd color - I love those pouches!

12. Firefighter

A female firefighter, and with tan skin color! Win

She is beautiful - the torso is especially nice... Obviously only for this, I suppose, but still a very striking combination.

This is another torso that cannot be hidden like that!

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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