70369 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Forest Dwarf

A little guy channeling his inner ewok, I suppose?

I don't think the torso really fits with the rest - though it's nice. The belt is lousy, unfortunately... it stays in the middle of the torso, it doesn't settle well. This is not a new issue. Or maybe I am just failing to see the purpose. I love the neckpiece and the the bracers (I really like them - that mold, I mean).

The hat is great ...

That fur in green though... I believe the quiver is a new color... which is great, obviously - and brownish!

10. Bagpiper

The main highlight of the series, of course... That hat! And a bagpipe!

The legs are an existing sculpt (though I thought they were new at first - well, actually, until I got the older ones to take this pic )

When I first looked, I wondered if half of the pipes were missing - the part is really odd seen from the back. And unlike most arms, bracelets or fins, I couldn't just get a replacement from among my stuff, right? So, I set it aside, but the next one was the same.. I looked closer, and then it is obvious it is not missing anything, it's just like that. - maybe to allow better posing? But there is only one place for the klicky to hold... shouldn't there be two? I know nothing of bagpipes, but judging from the way other people posed them, it seems to be the case.

And by the gods, that belt is amazing - shame it can only fit fat guys. But it's beautiful. And did I mention the hat? It's not black, as I thought at first, but dark brown - no matter.

11. Knight

A quite original knight, a black guy in white + gold.

The weapon is also far from common, and the shield is new in that color, I think.

The feather doesn't really fit that helmet - why not have the proper helmet for it? (a lot more beautiful too!) Or get the rest of the helmet and the three feathers, as is proper...

12. Sauna Man

Like his female counterpart from a few years ago, a nice original klicky, proving that there is no need for new parts to do original figures.

Compared to the girl in series 10 (link), he has no slippers...

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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