70733 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Winged Warrior

The highlight of the girls - this time they managed to make a female warrior, and she is gorgeous.

Ok, not a fave sculpt for the legs or arms, but that is probably me. I also find it a bit odd that she only has one bracer.

Both the torso and the neckpiece have beautiful printing. I LOVE that neckpiece.

10. French Woman

Interesting for variety, but there is something off to me. I strongly dislike the shoes sculpt. The shirt print does not help. At all.

The hair sculpt really works well for her (though I'd prefer a darker color), and the hat is great too.

The baguette pile is kinda ridiculous here - more than time for playmobil to make single bread parts. Just sayin'. Also, can't grab the bag with the bread in there, which is a shame.

As the others, this skirt also came assembled. I find it a bit strange.

11. Ninja

Beautiful klicky. She's in her socks, which I find rather odd... Still... I guess it works for a secret silent warrior. Although... wouldn't that make her slip? Unless she has those rubber things on the soles of the socks?

The torso and the skirt work very well together.

I don't really like the face for her.

The skirt is beautiful, and so is the hair thingie (she can probably kill with that! )

12. Fairy

Yet another lost everwhatsit, clearly. We have been seeing the cancelled Everdreamerz Series 4 (the best of them ) showing up here and there (Ayuma, Special Plus, Playmo-Friends, Figures... )...

Hair, neckpiece and wings don't really work well together.

IMO, the klicky has really nothing to do with wings anyways, but I suppose she can make a nice modern klicky (if a bit loud in terms of clothes )

The hair is really nice. Odd hair colors are always very welcome here.

The skirt came assembled... and the wings came bagged AND rubberbanded. Why? By now, I believe not even the Gods know.

Queen Tahra, March 2022

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