A few years ago (2013) I did an "assembly system check", assembling most steck buildings in the empty to-fix-playmoroom-to-be. And made up some with leftovers too..

Then, when I started to put away all the parts, they wanted to play , so I thought I'd try some stuff I saw about the net, romanish like..

So, did some tests... and then got a bit carried away... I made a big wall... and some barracks.. and a stable... and.. and... and finally decided I'd do a mini dio...

Since I didn't know where most stuff was in the playmomountains, it is in a quite incomplete state, but I thought I'd add it here regardless. Not even toasts were used!

This was the first time I actually took pics of a dio... And it took a lot longer than I thought, even with the unedited photos.. So, make effort to ignore the surroundings and the "naked" floor ...

Anyways, this is meant to be some outpost taken over by the romans. So, a FANTASY ROMANISH fort... (no, historical accuracy is most definetely not a strong point with me )

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Queen Tahra, September 2018

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