5599 Girls

1. Ice Queen

She looks beautifully.. cold.

I would REALLY prefer a hairstyle not ruined by a dreadful hole. This hair seems to appear more and more. One is nice, with the crown. A dozen.. well.. However, in this case the crown is silver, so, very welcome!

The staff in that color is gorgeous too.

The skirt is a big waste under the big one...

The torso works great with both skirts though..

2. Bride

Nice. She has a beautiful torso. Shame about the shoes.

The torso is also gorgeous from the back:

And under the hair:

3. Dancer

A nice klicky. That skirt is rather unusual.

The torso would be great as medieval or pirate, but the lack of speedo parts seriously cripples the potential.

BTW - printed head - and with the lack of quality, we get these:

GAH. This was VERY common among the ColaCao guys/mini Airgam Boys of old... but in playmobil?! Something you would NOT expect to see.. well, you wouldn't 20 years ago

4. Doctor

A pretty doc..

The stethoscope is different, with the ear things connected. It makes it much easier to put on a head, but also limits the use to heads that are slotted for earrings, instead of just being "beard fit".

In the packs, they were all like these:

Queen Tahra, August 2015

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