The figures were launched in 2011 , featuring twelve "boys" and twelve "girls" in blind bags.

The idea is to collect them all, and with their special frame and head they can be easily popped and body parts swapped.

The frames are (almost all) grey:

The heads are clearly marked with a triangle in the back:

In theory, this would work well. However, there are a couple of problems in practice. The most obvious one is the different body types. With some "speedos" and fat/pregnant klickys in the mix, that exchange is quite hampered. The second problem is the wild diversity of themes on each series. Not a bad thing per se, obviously, but it quite limits the possibilities of trading body parts and achieve a "usable" klicky. All the instructions confirm this - they always show freaks.

Update: This changed in Series 11 - both papers show klickys that actually make some sense!

To me, the Figures were (and are) welcome. I do have a (couple of) pop tub(s) full of parts, so I can change parts as much as I desire. And the possibility of being able to pop the klicky without problems became quite useful when "drafting" them. It is just not the same to set the neck over the frame, or omit it to see the result.

From the beginning, we had 2 series each year. It was always excessive. Not enough time for people to hunt them, too many to buy (I think wallets all over were not happy at all), and then there was the lack of imagination on the series themselves - though this can hardly be blamed on the amount of klickys - I'm sure we could easily come up with enough interesting klickys for SEVERAL series, with no repeats.

From series 10, playmobil said it would change. Series 11 was not launched in 2016. Wallets rejoiced. We all hoped that wasn't the end of the figures. It wasn't.

Update: Unfortunately, that thought lasted only for 2016, and in 2017 we are back to two series per year. Wallets prepare!

I still think themes would be better than boys + girls. Not only allowing resulting klickys to make sense (keeping in mind the different body types), but also in people having less chances of getting a klicky they really are not interested in.

The blind component is fun.. rarely. Most of the time it just gets annoying. Here at least it is very rare to be able to actually buy them on a shop. And even when they are in stock, many times there's like a dozen packs, or we can't really put the grab on them.

So, we resorted to buying full boxes. Got screwed a couple of times, but I wonder if they were really "original closed boxes". In all the others there were 4 of each figure inside.

Update: Unfortunately, that changed later. There were plenty of uneven boxes (sealed) and some figures totally missing. I supose the lack of quality control also applies to what is in the box

So, the series... Links for series include boxes, packs, general comments, and extras (when available). You can access the Boys or Girls review or the kept ones, from those links.

Series 1 (September 2011) : 5203 Boys | 5204 Girls
Series 2 (March 2012) : 5157 Boys | 5158 Girls
Series 3 (September 2012) : 5243 Boys | 5244 Girls
Series 4 (February 2013) : 5284 Boys | 5285 Girls
Series 5 (July 2013) : 5460 Boys | 5461 Girls
Series 6 (March 2014) : 5458 Boys | 5459 Girls
Series 7 (July 2014) : 5537 Boys | 5538 Girls
Series 8 (March 2015) : 5596 Boys | 5597 Girls
Series 9 (July 2015) : 5598 Boys | 5599 Girls | kept
Series 10 (January 2016) : 6840 Boys | 6841 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 11 (January 2017) : 9146 Boys | 9147 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 12 (July 2017) : 9241 Boys | 9242 Girls | kept
Series 13 (January 2018) : 9332 Boys | 9333 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 14 (July 2018) : 9443 Boys | 9444 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 15 (January 2019) : 70025 Boys | 70026 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 16 (July 2019) : 70159 Boys | 70160 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 17 (January 2020) : 70242 Boys | 70243 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 18 (July 2020) : 70369 Boys | 70370 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 19 (January 2021) : 70565 Boys | 70566 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 20 (July 2021) : 70148 Boys | 70149 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 21 (January 2022) : 70732 Boys | 70733 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 22 (July 2022) : 70734 Boys | 70735 Girls | kept boys | kept girls
Series 23 (January 2023) : 70638 Boys | 70639 Girls | kept boys | kept girls

I will try to add all the series review... eventually. The dates on the reviews reflect the date they were made... not published here.

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