So, final decisions (kinda).

2. Ranger - original
4. Gladiator - Not being fond of the helmet, we figured like this, with just a different weapon he'd look fine in the arena or on a more... tribal setting
8. Painter - Love that torso, and it was a waste to hide it under the (strangely pristine) coat. So, though not sure what his job will be yet, he makes a good looking recent klicky. Kept the arms and legs - and the paint bucket! - maybe we'll do a female painter to join the rest.
9. Mongolian Archer = AMAZING. But we figured to do some sort of "nobleman" of him. A mongolian archer must, IMO, ride. He cannot ride in skirts. Ergo, he is no archer. What he is is GORGEOUS.
11. Tennis Player - I thought that yellow thing was mostly a waste. I don't NEED more tennis players, but I liked the torso. So, new head (DUH!), new hair... Gave him a headband, and he is no longer using the invisible magic balls.

And the others...

1. General, 3. Zirndorf Policeman - to be decided. Need the rest of the naval/victorian soldiers.
5. Breakdancer - thinking about that AMAZING torso + arms...
6. Dwarf King - we TRIED to fix him, but couldn't make it work. Do we really need a dwarf king, my sister asked? Nope, not really. Not now. Not a must. That torso WILL make a green officer for one of my roman groups...
7. Winged Ninja - to be decided. Not sure we have the torso, but we have everything else... several times.
10. Indian Brave, 12. Dark Ghost - please.

1. Ice Queen - ALMOST original. Since it WAS a waste, we figured we'd do something with the outer skirt at a later date.
2. Bride - romanish/ancient something.. Maybe one of the Hestians? I wanted that veggie crown, but the white flowers were HUGE on it, so, ended up going with a simpler style.
3. Dancer - couldn't make up our minds, so, both versions - west and ancient.

5. Granny - we have no more purple short skirts, so... no way. Anyway, I think she looks much better like this. A shame she doesn't have flat shoes. It would suit a granny way better. We made a teacher of her, with that briefcase
6. Ballerina - original.
7. Stewardess - original.
10. Fencer - original.

9. Catwoman - ahem. She was a bit strange. First gave up making a skinny woman around the torso+mask. Then when passing to the normal bodies, decided on a guy. But hey, maybe we'll make a female friend for him with another mask. Shame we don't have all red arms. Also wanted old style red legs, but they didn't match the rest
12. Samba Dancer - not likely we'd keep such. Strongly dislike the real thing. The wings SCREAMED fairy as soon as we saw them. Then my sister got there, and in spite of the lack of speedo options, she made him Looking great.

The others..

4. Doctor - enough docs around
8. Winged Fairy - please
11. Skater - SOMETHING will be done with the torso.

And that's it.

Queen Tahra, August 2015

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