9444 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Spring Lady

The mandatory large skirt, but in a pretty greenish (and not pink!!) combination. I think the roses are too big for that crown, but that could be just me. Besides, they kinda grew on me..

Flowers came in a small bag, all squeeshed with a rubber band. A few of green stems are bent to Hades due to that .. As if this was not enough, a couple of those small bags was squashed with a rubber band, then folded in half, and then had yet ANOTHER rubber band. Gods. WHY?

She is very pretty, the red hair was an excellent choice (both in color and sculpt, imo).

A pleasant surprise under that large skirt: unusual yellow skirt and bare feet.

2. Bee Woman

Have no idea what she's supposed to be, but I like her!

That skirt in black has LOADS of potential.. especially if I managed to bring myself to clean that bee print... unlikely (it is gorgeous!)..

I dislike that hair sculpt (because of the hole), but it looks really nice in this color.

Maybe she can advertise the honey?

3. Flapper

First, I admit I had never heard this word before this series came about.

The printing on the dress looks nice, but I have a hard time placing the klicky in a group.. but that's probably just me.

Interesting klicky, though I don't like those years in terms of "style".

I suppose she'd work well with the boys' gangster, except there are no gangsters around here..

4. Shower Woman

A nice idea, and well executed.

All the towels came wrapped like this (yes, that is another rubber band)

The manual laser of the 20th Century is a nice touch

I suppose we knew she wouldn't be naked... and I was hoping for plain white... no such luck - she's pink underneath...

I think that head towel (a gorgeous new part!) may have potential for other eras... After all, I am not very "historically accurate" inclined, so....

Queen Tahra, August 2018

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