70370 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Waitress

A nice waitress - I think playmoworlds everywhere will need to get more coffee shops going, to find work for all of these

The back is also printed - nice!

The dress came assembled. Odd. And it has a cupcake printed.

The plate is the newer kind, and the color is that chewing-gum-pink kind - same as the mug.

2. Stewardess

She is a pretty klicky - and well prepared! The skirt is printed all around - always a plus.

The hat is different on both sides:

Took me some fiddling to be able to put everything in her suitcase, but my 3D Tetris skills are not that great

3. Diver

This time, a black diver - but she has a double oxygen tank (not common), AND a wonderful new underwater case for a camera.

Also, she's not a speedo, which is always good, imo (because it's a lot easier to work with "normal" klickys)

The camera case is a bit on the open side in the back... But a really nice detail

4. Lady

She is beautiful!

The skirt is wonderful, and impossible to keep hidden like that - I suppose it will be necessary to have both versions, with and without the big skirt

The yellow has a sort of metallic thing about it.. very nice. Though hard (or impossible?) to match.

The umbrella and necklace are also gorgeous, and a perfect match to the klicky.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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