70149 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Tin Can Drummer

She's pretty, not very sure WHAT she is... Maybe a protester? Then it would be more appropriate to have a spoon instead of a drumstick - of course the latter is infinitely better ... Or perhaps she's a street performer?

Also note there is no way she can reach the can with that thing. Clearly, she needs a partner!

The klicky is interesting. The legs have different prints on the left and right - very nice! After all, it'd be odd that mud spatters would be the same

I especially like the torso... not sure what for yet, but it is ripe with potential!

The bracelet is new in this color, and I am not sure about the drumstick... The can is present in another set, recently, but I believe it is not common.

2. Oriental Dancer

Another oriental dancer, in green... The torso is very... fairish, with a familiar butterfly print.

She is dark tan, so, more different. Of course it limits the use of the parts right now...

The pillow has a nice color.. new, I believe.

Now what's going on with that pillow... no idea. A prop, glued to the bottle? I would REALLY love to know who makes these pics. And WHY. Don't they see this looks awfully ridiculous?

3. Partygoer

A pretty fancy lady (the torso was used in a lifeguard, but hey - that just proves how AWESOME playmobil parts are!)

The head is not common... variety is good.

The belt does stand out - I don't like it there. Then again, this is easy to fix, and we get a belt

4. Rider

I don't know if she is a repeat, though this one is black - a real shame she has gloves, as long sleeved arms with black hands are always in demand around here.

Not sure if the hat is new in this color - pretty in very light pink - I don't much keep track of those

Of course, the usual problem - where is her horsy?

Queen Tahra, September 2021

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