In this series there are some "repeat" characters, and those are not kept original.

1. Nola - original

2. Inuit - original (with two doggies) - well.. except hair!

3. Ook Ook - original

5. Del - different hair and beard, and more wintry legs

6. Marla - different head and hair color

7. Maximus - original

9. Salty - original

10. Dr. Grim - original

11. Double Tooth - original

12. Legionary - original (well.. except.. that hair, obviously! ). And with a friend. Too late I realized I should have hunted a legion

Now, for the many options or army building type...

4. Black Knight, part 1: knights

One almost original (the hair!), and a couple of friends (beautiful colors to work with)

4. Black Knight, part 2: asians

From the torsos, some sort of lord with two guards (that torso is awesome )

8. Sven

One original, and some friends... including the musician, as close as I could get

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Queen Tahra, December 2022

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