Finally, 2019 will see The Movie heading to cinemas. And hopefully a proper dvd edition soon after!!!

I so want to watch this.

There were several sets announced, featuring basically stuff from all over the playmobil themes (kinda like Super 4).

I do have a problem with getting these before the movie. I mean, I have no idea who the characters are. Who is supposed to pop and who isn't?! No idea how to go about it. I don't really know how relevant the sets and characters are, or how properly portrayed they are, right?

Still.. we must do with what we are given, right?

The trailers look awesome , and the sets too (though a couple defy logic, that is of little importance right now ).

The klickys look mostly gorgeous, and there are some REALLY nice highlights there.

The first batch includes these sets:

  • 70070 - Rex Dasher with Parachute
  • 70071 - Robotitron with Drone
  • 70072 - Marla with Horse
  • 70073 - Charlie with Prison Wagon
  • 70074 - Marla and Del with Flying Horse
  • 70075 - Del's Food Truck
  • 70076 - Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum
  • 70077 - Marla in the Fairytale Castle
  • 70078 - Rex Dasher's Porsche Mission E

And a couple of "figures" series:

It was a nice surprise that there would be figures from the movie.. well, except for my wallet, of course.

I find it very VERY odd that these are actually "figures" - as in meant to pop and mix... with them being actual characters, it makes a strange choice.. though in truth makes little or no difference to me (they all pop around here ).

I suppose there will be another batch of sets later in the year, keeping the second series company? (wallet shudders)

Both these series come in the usual "figure" packaging, but include a sticker. There is a sticker album - free in toy stores, according to the leaflets (more on that on the series page) - and also available for download from playmobil). This album will be complete with both series.

It exists in several languages... including german, english, french and spanish/portuguese. I wish they'd stop treating us as the same. To my surprise, the translation isn't horrid, though there is something wrong with Rex Dasher's text.

  • english: "technical gadgets"
  • spanish: "tecnología punta"
  • portuguese: "brincadeiras técnicas" - what in Hades is that supposed to mean!?

Strangely, these klickys were given with the Funpark meals as early as in the end of May. As "promos" - not "figures" (as in not meant to be easily popped).

Stranger, there were klickys from both series.

And the included leaflet revealed the second series:

More great klickys to look forward to. Well, apart from the ones hunted at the funpark .. Then again, a lot of these are great for customs, so having several is good!

I wonder if there will be a 3rd Series. Makes little sense to me, but then again, I usually fail to understand playmobil's logic anyway . Since the album will be complete with Series 2, I assume that's it.

Queen Tahra, July 2019

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