70025 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Sleepwalker

This must be the most original klicky this time around.

Unfortunately, this is not a double head - a major fail, imo, he's a perfect candidate... Like this, we have a permanently sleepy guy.

A shame the torso is not properly printed - not even in front - WHY? And of course, THAT hair is a goner.

That gorgeous hat in white would be great to have several of

And is that candleholder new? I don't think I knew this version - it used to be a single part. I love it!

6. Woodcutter

A completely accurate representation of a woodcutter, as in the stories.

I really like the axe in these colors.

He is a beautiful klicky The colors are awesome (and really.. on). And the suspenders!!

And... the back is also PRINTED! WOW. How amazing is this? He definitely stands out. Looks awesome. I hope they start doing this more often now.

7. Gnome

Not sure what he is meant to be...

Nice, though I wish they'd give us less weird shoe colors... Especially for parts that don't really exist like these legs. The hair in white is not very common (at least to me), and so very welcome!

I don't think there was a concertina in yellow before either...

8. Knight

The mandatory knight, in greens this time.

Though he looks a bit.. futuristic, what with the printing and the space helmet.

Nice (elvish) colors, though, and nice parts.

I love the sculpt of the helmet - though it still looks like a space helmet to me.. Maybe I am biased by my great love of the old Dark Scorpions?

The clockwork neckpiece, not a favorite.. (at least not without some serious cutting!) But the color is very nice.

These swords are not new, but not common at all (at least not around here) - I like them, even if they are a bit weird.

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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