70025 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Cowboy

Gorgeous colors - even if with the mud-spattered look.. And being a black guy onviously makes him unlike the previous ones. Of course, THAT hair is a goner!

I think the mud makes him a fine candidate for the mines though....

The torso looks like it would also be awesome "cleaned"..

And the hat is not common (yet?)...

10. Pirate

And the usual pirate.. He looks ok... The reddish pouch steals the show, I suppose...

The torso printing is beautiful.. a shame to hide it under the beard.. almost criminal!

I supposed the return of that long gone arab belt should be mentioned. Though it wasn't great then, and it's worse now, with all the nicer options available.

Makes me wonder how they achieved the pose in the photo... (in mine above, he is not actually holding the crutch).. The belt prevents the arms from moving down much...

As to the crutch, whoever made that clearly didn't understand the use. A shame, because it's a beautiful sculpt, but then the size is all wrong, and it just looks weird - I mean what in Hades is that for?!

Makes for a nice "prop" to be left against a wall or tree though - as long as it's not right next to a klicky.

I have to add that I do not know how to sort that... there is no space under the klicky's arm to accommodate the crutch, as would be proper...

11. Mechanic

One of the weakest figures among the boys, I think because the "recent" theme is not as valued around here.

He's a nice modern klicky - I quite like the torso print, actually. The legs are way too common, and have been for decades, probably.

And he comes well equipped too!

The tools were all packed like this..

12. Vampire

A shame they didn't do him more different... another color combination would be great.

The bat is the same grey one as before too...

Nice parts, I suppose. I love that hair sculpt, and the fancy torso and legs can always be easily reused in a gentleman like manner.

All the cloaks came like this.. Have no idea why.

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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