70026 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Painter

A nice klicky, though a bit too colorful... Guess she's a bit messy with the paint? Or maybe that's just realistic?

I really like the torso.

6. Dutch Farmer

Another nice farmer - with a red skirt! .

The printed apron is nice, and the torso is beautiful.

She has white feet!!! Guess the custom spread from the hasty fairies? Going about on their socks? Regardless, not gonna happen (besides, it looks plain weird, imo)...

(no, I didn't remove the shoes from the sprue - rarely use them...)

7. Fire Sorceress

A very striking klicky - she is beautiful, and all the fire related magicians around here are eager to meet her!

A shame they didn't do the wings like the baby dragon wings, in red and yellow, so they were on fire as well.

A plus - she is not wearing heels!

The wings came bagged.. AND with a rubber band. Why? WHY?

8. Cowgirl

A nice klicky..

A shame she has no neck piece. Drawn neckpieces look kinda.. little compared to the real thing.

Dark brown braid =

The torso is very close to another, but has those.. fringes added - very nice!

And now has a peg. I am not fond of those peg holsters, since they look absolutely ridiculous. Too huge. Also, it means she has no belt, as she would with a proper gun belt.

Those arms look great!

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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