70026 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Waitress

Though nothing really new there.. she is a really nice addition!

I really like the cupcake.

Nice to make her asian, since it adds some more variety.

10. Lady

The mandatory large skirt.

She is very beautiful, and the lonnnnnnnnnnnnng braid makes her more unique. Though I do fear these new rubbery hairs will not last 40 years.

The light green is kinda pearly, and very striking... And no golden feet!

These little flowers and butterflies to put on the braid are very nice... I believe the butterflies are new (at least in this color..)

11. Boxer

Awesome! Though she will join the wrestlers, since around here the boxers are not speedos - unless a "feather weight" category is created...

Note the plain head - those are always welcome, and never too many, since the figures heads are used for drafts here, and the plain ones are always in highest demand!

She is kinda light in accessories though... She could have a gym bag, I suppose, or better yet, I think it's about time they give us a punching bag!

Love the leg sculpt, and the colors.

12. Hawaiian

She is very pretty, except.. what's with the odd pink skirt!? And the undies match that color. A shame. The other was so pretty. Anyway, it will make some colorful variety..

The torso is nice. Maybe not as useful as the previous version? Not sure on that... Though actually having the flower necklace instead of a print is a big big plus.

I don't mind that she is tan instead of indian this time around..

I suppose it would be too much to expect she was naked underneath, right? Anyways, the flowery top print is pretty.

Another bag all squeeshed with a rubber band.

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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