70370 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Climber

Very original, and a pretty klicly. The torso is beautiful, and so are the legs. The colors are actually molded on the shorts, not painted.

The belt is new, and the... THING... for the... powder THING... climbers use (can you tell I know nothing about rock climbing? ) is more accurate than the medieval little bag that was used before, I believe.

6. Vampire

A bit odd, the colors are unusual - but that is a good thing! The torso is really pretty.

I was seriously disappointed when I realized the torso is the smaller kind, and so no match for the big black skirt

The rat is, of course, most welcome :)

7. Tall Clown

My first reaction was "Meh". Not only clowns aren't very interesting to begin with, it's a man. WHY?

However, the tall legs are very nice - for a clown, of course - the colors are beautiful, the print is perfect... And the overalls.... gods.

The baggy short sleeves are also great for core klickys.

Why they insist on NOT doing females for the girls or just switch the klicky to the boys... no idea. I find it insulting.

8. Mechanic

Nothing really new here - but she's nice. I really like the cap, for some reason.

Recently there have been several female mechanics / hadywomen... It's good.

She brought a whole bunch of tools, but unfortunately, no toolbox

The tools were bagged AND rubberbanded.

One glove was not properly finished:

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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