70370 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Knight

Another man. They do new parts ALL THE TIME. But can't be bothered to make a FEMALE knight? You don't even need new parts! Just print a female torso, and use a compatible neckpiece. Is that so fracking complicated? Sorry, pet peeve. Especially with parts as beautiful as this torso.

The brown hair bow is beautiful, though I guess it's an odd choice for a knight. I think one of the old single ties would work a lot better, mold wise.

I am not a fan of the clockwork neckpiece, or the leg mold, but the knight is amazing - as a male. Seems somehow off that there is no helmet.

Really nice choice for the swords - it's not easy to fit weapons on that neckpiece, but these do the trick nicely

10. Fairy Archer

Agh, we're back to the rushed fairies.. socks with no shoes... Besides that, nice colors. The silver bow is very uncommon - very welcome!

The torso's purplish base color is a match for a mertail, but unless it was all cleaned, it doesn't really work, unfortunately. And that'd be a waste, because it's quite nice.

11. Postal Worker

A very nice original klicky... Quite different from every other postal worker there has been, I think

The envelopes are also great!

12. Red Sports Fan

A wonderful idea, and a perfect match for the blue fan in the boys . I like it when that happens on a series, matching klickys in boys and girls .

The matching sleeve is a work of art It really surprised me - it takes the klicky to a whole different level, that seemingly little detail.

A red fan... (the flag is a sticker)

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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