Kept - Boys

These are the decisions we made...

2. France Fan - the face and hair we mean for another use... and also gave him long sleeves.
3. Pirate Captain - well, parts, so the little monkey..
4. Park Ranger - original
9. Cleaner with Leafblower - figured long sleeves were better suited.. and a not so.. loud.. torso.

5. Elf Warrior - I want more! Still the neckpieces to figure, but I didn't manage - YET.

6. African Warrior - also need more. As planned, doubled the amount of slaves... or beach guys

    These were not kept:
  • 1. Knight
  • 8. Western Smuggler
  • 11. Race Champion

    And these for parts:
  • 3. Pirate Captain
  • 7. Tall Ghost Pirate
  • 12. Fire Wizard

    And this one to figure out:
  • 10. Robot

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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