Kept - Boys

1. Nutcracker - original, though I still have doubts about the sword. And the hat. And the hair. Right now, he is supposed to head for the circus.

2. Gangster - with a different head and hair, he turned into a(nother) business man...

3. Olympic Archer - original. Since I know nothing about the sport... I will assume whoever designed him does... The obvious one will follow.

4. Ice King - one original... then we'll see.

5. Wrestler - well, the obvious one (at least for my sister!)... I remembered there was a matching (speedo) mertail. And if that is to be a merman's head.. well.. can't really be a mask too. So, a different version of the wrestler - keeping company to the boxer-turned-wrestler of the previous series.

6. Sailor - three of them

7. SWAT Cop - for now, just the mandatory change , and minus machine gun. I wanted to use the older holstered torso, but there wasn't ONE in that shade of blue in the poptub .

9. Van Helsing - almost original, minus knight arm.

10. Knight - almost original, just with a sword that fits, and minus long weapon.

11. Naval Soldier - just a different torso (duh - the original one will have some other use, and it will surely not be half hidden with a jacket), and minus weapon, since I wil not keep them in numbers!

12. Welder - just the normal change.

8. Cyborg - Love the parts, but got nowhere so far...

Queen Tahra, August 2018

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