70026 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Witch

A nice color variation of the witch.

I really like the broom in that color (yellow was a very popular color for brooms in the beginning!).

I love that spidery necklace... And she has flat feet!

2. Queen

I suppose this is supposed to be the english queen - very well executed, I think. The colors are beautiful.

Really bad (I am being polite here) printing though (see the first page). It's disgraceful to open a brand new set and get that. What does that make her? All of mine look drunk.

I do wish she had caveman boots , because I have dozens of extra heels like those!

3. Scientist

A nice idea, and also well executed. The glasses and gloves are a nice touch.

I just wish that less common parts had been used for her, but still a nice addition.

4. Fairy

The mandatory winged fairy - she is beautiful and NOT pink! See what they have done? Anything not pink became more beautiful than pink

The butterfly is pretty common.

The skirt is not a favorite sculpt... still, nice

I still find it a shame that this beautiful torso sculpt has that hole in the back..

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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