Kept - Boys

1. American Football Player - original

2. Hippie - original. Well, added a bracelet. Does that count?

5. Sleepwalker - lost THAT hair.

6. Woodcutter - original

8. Knight - original (thought I can still change my mind regarding the space helmet!)

7. Gnome - since there are a couple of these already, figured there will be a woman later. Maybe. Besides, that torso makes for a great grandfather! Then just changed the hat.

9. Cowboy - changed THAT hair

10. Pirate - well, the big beard had to go, found him a smaller one, that doesn't hide the beautiful print... Then he needed a neckpiece, that didn't cover the gorgeous torso print either - a cape. And the belt... meh.

11. Mechanic - just removed the jacket (and hence had to change the arms) - that torso is too nice to hide

12. Vampire - original

3. Grasshopper - as expected, this one was harder.. three from him though!
First, the obvious one - an alien... with large help from the odd parts of the How To Train Your Dragon flightsuits.
Second, the gentleman... Though I found the torso+jacket combination somewhat... loud.
Finally, that torso gave me another idea - some irish dude

4. Warrior - That thing on the side had to go, so he can actually move (replaced by a small pouch, as always). Since I didn't like the shoulder armor or the lack of neckpiece, fixed it with a cape with peg Then got some bracers on his now naked arms.

Queen Tahra, 1 July 2019

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