70243 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Pirate

Another odd choice, but nice parts! A real unlucky (or very lucky?) klicky... Missing an eye, half a leg, AND a hand!

Again a beautiful torso, in a hard to match color. The head print is great as well.

The neckpiece is new, and a bit awkward... but can't use it over that gorgeous torso!

The hat thingie is new

6. Winged Lady

She's a beautiful fancy lady... with the everpresent blue TRANSPARENT harp

Though the skirt, the bows and the wings... it's a bit too much... The legs are far too nice to be under the skirt.

7. Tattoo Artist

This is a really original one - from the idea, to the klicky herself... awesome She's a beautiful klicky....

The arms = Note they are different

Interesting contraption - can't really comment on accuracy or anything, since I know nothing of the subject . But I do like it!

The cables came taped, and had some left overs.. odd.

8. Kitty

I have no idea.

The klicky is beautiful, both the legs and the torso...

The tail goes in the skirt (so, not easy to make a male friend ).. It's weird.

The hair could be AWESOME (the sculpt is amazing), if there wasn't a hole ruining it And the ears are just silly.

When opening them, we thought the neckpiece was mismolded. ALL of them. But apparently it's meant to be that way? Looks strange.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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