70243 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Cook

She's gorgeous! She stands out among the 35412 cooks they have (for some reason) been coming up with..

The neck has some printing.. not sure if the plan was a different neckpiece and a black lady.. under this neckpiece there is basically nothing to see.

The bowl in white is not new, but I don't think there was one around here. The matching print in the hat makes it different...

2. Waitress

She's beautiful... She comes with a stand - always find that odd. Still, can be useful at times.

The torso has a nice print under that bow... a shame to hide it.

And the short skirt in red = I found it VERY surprising that the legs came unassembled. Especially since they are really not easy to remove after assembled. Win, since most will NOT be used with heels, right? Spares me the trouble (and the cutting).

I believe this tray may be new:

3. Fairy

AGAIN? Nothing wrong with the klicky, but... how come they can't be bothered to at least change the base color or something?!

The sticker comes rolled up inside the skirt... no idea why.

4. Rock Guardian

Our Rock Guardians were in a fuss ever since the first pics showed up...

Really interesting, though that face... fugly. And this time, it's not a double face... Still, maybe for a rock guardian it's ok. Variety and all.

The torso color is very very beautiful, but hard to match, and the green hands on the (mostly) matching arms quite diminish the reuse potential. That said, I'll make effort.

The rock things for the arms (and the legs) are new in this color, I believe.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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