Kept - Boys

1. Winged Weirdo - Well, as expected, he joined his fellow samurais.. Decided on a not heavily armored one, since the torso+arms combo is really great.

2. Prospector - Just changed the legs - even kept the color scheme!

3. Naval Soldier - Minus weapon.. guess he won't be a soldier - there are too many of those, especially "single" ones (and no further troops required)

4. Jester - Original.

5. Gamer - Original - he will get a female friend, with one of those holed beautiful hairs.

6. Knight - Well, worked around the torso, making sure NOT to cover it!

7. Diver - Obviously. Suppose his equipment will pass to someone else..

8. Journeyman - Decided there is no point in keeping such an obscure character - besides, the legs had to go, anyway, so.. Just went from the gorgeous torso.

10. Samurai - Original, minus shield...

12. Tennis Player - Original - a nice modern klicky.

Some details...

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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