Kept - Girls

1. Cook - Original, and with a friend.

2. Waitress - Original - she could also be in a casino! Will do something more... CORE with that short skirt!

4. Rock Guardian - Worked hard to replace the torso... and the.. foliage on her head.

5. Pirate - I remembered those arms from the Movie, thinking they were a match... so.. Also decided not to keep her all crippled. And though I do love the head, not for a pirate.

6. Winged Lady - A fancy lady (replaced the legs, of course)

7. Tattoo Artist - Just replaced the hair, so it doesn't cover that gorgeous torso!

8. Kitty - AH! A ballerina. There. Just replaced the torso, cause it's too beautiful to hide. And from the torso, a nice modern klicky.

9. Lady with Dog - A fancy lady (replaced the legs, duh)

10. Snow Walker - The neckpiece had to be replaced - again, can't cover the torso! And I like these legs better..

11. Gnome - The torso was set aside for that use since the first pics showed up... And from the legs+hat did a female garden gnome, who will join the others.

12. Firefighter - Decided to get her off the uniform - yet ANOTHER torso not to hide.. The jacket will be used on another firefighter later (since I don't think we have one like that YET)...

And some details...

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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