70369 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Guitar Player

This one stands out.. that hair! (usual problems - I fear it will not last 40 years, and it does attract every single speck of dirt in a mile radius!)

The torso is also nice (though I can't really figure out what it is )

Oh, and those bracers.... By the Gods, those bracers are gorgeous!

The guitar print is new. It came unassembled, a surprise...

6. King

The torso is really nice, and the use of those shoulder things really works with the coat.. Shame about THAT hair.

But... around here there ware far too many kings.

The fur bracers were a real surprise - a welcome one, since they are ever useful for core klickys.

7. Space Weirdo

The weirdo of the lot - there is always one (at least), right? . Interesting parts, though nothing new there, I think. Well, except the head print. But... he has no mouth. WHY? No idea. Yes, I know, robots don't need mouths and all, but... meh

Had a real hard time assembling one... not sure why.

I was surprised with the size of the tiny thingie I thought was a sticker... But that's good - being tiny, I mean. However... after spending quite some time trying to peel the back, I finally assumed it's just a "stone" to put there, not a sticker

The tubes all came in the frame like this:

8. Engineer

A nice recent klicky, with a loud shirt...

The prints of the house are nice.

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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