Kept - Boys

1. Pirate - Just removed the vest and beard - can't hide that torso... Will also clean one (at least!)

2. Gym Guy - original

3. Pilot - original

4. Blue Sports Fan - minus neckpiece

5. Guitar Player - minus vest, since it doesn't really work with the hair, beard and guitar strap!

6. King - well, enough kings, but that torso is great. There will be someone from the coat + puffy sleeves.

8. Engineer - original (loud shirt and all )

12. Sauna Man - original

9. Forest Dwarf - not a dwarf.. Considered keeping a hat or two for ewok cosplayers, but I suppose that'd be a waste, so... I am really happy with them , if I do say so myself, especially the first two.

10. Bagpiper - one original (well, different beard), and some friends.

11. Knight - just gave him a proper helmet


Queen Tahra, August 2020

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