Kept - Girls

1. Waitress - just changed the hair - it was a bit too much

2. Stewardess - original

3. Diver - original

5. Climber - original (she will get a friend, I suppose)

4. Lady - just changed the legs under the big skirt.. and of course a friend without the big skirt

6. Vampire - that head is already among the vampires, so... a couple of ladies (still can't believe I can't use a big skirt )

7. Tall Clown - since they seem unwilling to make girls for the girls , I did. And, obviously, a guy from those beautiful overalls

8. Mechanic - original

9. Knight - it IS a man, can't go around that. Did my best not to cover the torso+legs.

10. Fairy Archer - the colors work well for a diver, I think. And that justifies the toes, right?

11. Postal Worker - a nice recent klicky - there are (more than) enough postal workers around

12. Red Sports Fan - loved that arm+torso combo so much, decided to do a player as well And removed the neckpiece - can't hide that torso!

And the rats, of course


Queen Tahra, August 2020

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