70734 Boys

(part 1/3)

1. Zombie Waiter

Yet another zombie waiter. This is getting repetitive.

I like the torso, but the rest is kinda odd..

Well, the hair is great, but the head is kinda... strange. Maybe a drunk and/or high zombie?

2. Violinist Cowboy

He's very pretty, and original in his accessories. The detailed prints make for a very fine klicky.

I really like this new hair (appeared in the playmofriends cook just before the figures were released, I think, but this is the first I have in hand). Gorgeous "boy hair", hat version. Does look worse than usual without the hat, but... no worries. Love it.

The head had some color bleed - nice .. A shame it can't be seen.

The violin print is new, AFAIK. It's very beautiful.

3. Maori Warrior

He's AMAZING . A gorgeous klicky - I just find the gold bracers a bit strange for the usual playkingdoms' color coordination . Easy to fix.

Being dark tan, there aren't many possibilities for customs. Still... beautiful. He has great tattoos, and that he has a double head is brilliant ..

The skirt and legs are also gorgeous (greys are right after browns, remember? ).

The headband and the weapon "heads" are new colors, as far as I can recall.

Unfortunately the feathers don't hold on the ax.

This was the only figure with rubberbands.

4. Fireman

Another fireman. He's pretty, though I don't think there is anything special about him...

A young playmofriend was also not impressed with the repurposed leafblower.

But at least around here, I don't think we had one in red

Queen Tahra, August 2022

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