Kept - Girls

1. Doe Woman - A woman in a dress and two forest guardians, kinda as planned. This one was a real struggle.

2. Pizza Maker - Just a new neckpiece and hat. There are too many cooks already

3. 58th Operative - From the torsos, two new 58th members. Might add to them.

4. Steampunk - As planned, a pirate (with the misprinted torso). Then ended up with a steampunk lady from the coat and torso, and a partner for her from the hat - a chance to use the cannon arms!

5. Red Riding Hood - One close to the original, tried to make her more "medieval", with another skirt and black shoes. And a more current lady from the skirt. The hat is meant for a medieval lady, but a normal klicky.

6. Cartoonist - Close to the original, in spirit - and out of diapers.

7. Spa Goer - Original (minus headband).

8. Sailor - Different arms and head - not only will she fit better with the rest of them, but also those arms are more useful for more core themes .

9. Undercover Mermaid - Two almost original: the mermaid with a different hair (not to cover the torso), and of course, the lady with different legs. Then the mandatory male friend.

10. Bee Woman - One almost original - just a different neckpiece, and since her hands don't match the skin anyway, changed it. Then a female faun, already drafted before, waiting for the hair/hornband... We need more of these. Many more.

11. Figure Skater - Original.

12. Eskimo - Just replaced the jacket, to show more of that gorgeous torso. And with the two pups. Still intend to do an indian somehow, but... currently I could not.

Queen Tahra, August 2022

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