Kept - Boys

1. Zombie Waiter - Just changed the hair (for a more common one).

2. Violinist Cowboy - Original.

3. Maori Warrior - Different bracers (duh) and headband.

5. Pirate - That torso could not be hidden, so lost the jacket (and that means other arms) and became some sort of lord/fancy gentleman (also new head and hair).

6. Detective - Original.

7. Gladiator
One almost original, both muscle arms, new torso - that printed one was not meant to be under all that! New shield too, because...
From the shields, two warriors (need 8 more, just sayin')... might mess with the helmets if/when the black crests appear (wish I could have hunted those green crests in the Speyer Museum, they'd be perfect!)
And from the torsos, a forest guardian of sorts, and the original plan: a merman.

8. Judge - One original, and a gentleman, from the torso+legs (there may be a female judge later - as in Judging Amy (with the AMAZING Tyne Daly )

9. Hockey Player - Fixed their indecision - and since the leg things don't fit, he became a "field player". With a new hair, obviously

10. Merman - Original, with a friend.

11. Robber - as expected, he became a business man. And the plan for that mask was to make another paintball player all along (the face depicted in the mask actually exists!).

12. Knight - since the torso could not be all hidden like that, he got a plainer one. And a page or something from the original torso.

Queen Tahra,

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