Kept - Girls

1. Rabbit - Since she is so alike the fat male rabbit, made a new one from the torso.

2. Woman With Dog - Just changed the legs.

3. Garden Gnome - As planned, a fancy lady from the torso

4. Jiu-Jitsu Fighter - Just a different head and hair

5. Maracas Player - Some sort of merchant... and at first just made the obvious beach goer from the torso... but then.. wait... mermaid... and there WAS a fitting mertail in the "mertails for females to use bag" and all...

6. Dentist - Original (minus watch)

7. Jogger - Original (with a watch)

8. Farmer With Chicken - Since there was already a farmer with that torso+arms, changed them. And new head + hair + hat (more... "farmish" - what? it's a word. Now. :P )

10. Mermaid - Lost the belt and neckpiece, and new hair and bracelets

11. Hairdresser - That torso could not be under the dress, so... She looked like one of the everwhatsit Everdreamerz under it, so she got a skirt to match, and new legs (and hair).

12. Princess - Just different color hair, and a new, less bulky, necklace.

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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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