I fell in love with the polars from the start.. despite the odd idea of the cannon.. and weird shooting cars excepted.

I find it odd (and sort of.. really bad) that they need to have fracking firing thingamajigs. But easy enough to solve - the cannon is fine for space. The cars issue was also easily solved - not buying them. So it got cheaper to buy the whole thing. It was decided on the spot to get two sleds.

This means those two cars won't be included in this.

The klickys are mostly gorgeous, with beautiful color combinations..

I figured that was it. I'd need a second tub for Scott (the Ex-Di kinda joined the Scott Polar Institute, what with them being first and all), and these belong there as well.

As expected, these are must haves!

New legs, jackets, gloves, hoods... New polar bears and huskies... And a bunch of new stuff... These are great!

Thank you playmobil!

I will need to get the klickys from the 9059 Polar Ice Pirates Truck.. they are gorgeous as well. And.. well.. I know it's completely out of place and all, but I think I really like the cannon things in the 9058 Polar Ice Pirates Racer.

I REALLY hope we get more for these, at least as an add-on. A two/four harnessed huskies add-on is a must!

A shame that the theme doesn't really have an "eskimo set". All the sets are oriented to the "explorers" - even the dogsled, with the eskimo klicky. I would love to see the igloo with family redone (my wallet firmly disagrees, btw ).

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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