70069 Series 1

(part 1/3)

1. Yellow Viking

One of my favorites - duh. Can't really go wrong with those colors.

The hat is far from being a favorite (not sure if it existed in this color), and that axe does nothing for me... but the shield is gorgeous, and the klicky...

Besides.. the return of the wolf cape! And in a different color, I think.

The klicky is a masterpiece:

I love those prints. The arms... Gods, he's soooo awesome!

The torso/legs are known molds, but in new colors. Both are beautiful and with very high reuse potential

The hair looks black in the pics, but is in fact dark brown.

He probably has the best face too!

The highlights, not counting the klicky are the wolf cape in a new color and the shield (new print):

Figure vs. Sticker

Not sure why the klicky doesn't have a naked torso.. and, though it would be yet another one, the painted "naked" legs like the ones Charlie and Valera have would seem more accurate.

As to the beard, I think one of the big braided viking ones would look better.

Also odd - if they do a new print for the shield.. why not the correct one?

Finally, the weapon could be more accurate...

2. Del

Well.. A mostly known recent klicky, and barefoot, to make it worse. Not that he is not a pretty one, but... not original. At all. To make it worse, he appears also in two sets: 70074 - Marla and Del with Flying Horse and 70075 - Del's Food Truck. We should have different versions, at least..

Printed sleeves are nice.

He is very light on accessories.

But he seems like a nice guy from the trailers so far, and his face has a kind, relaxed air about it...

The huge burrito is new... I mean, it's the newspaper mold, but hey, less weird than that icecream/dung reuse, right?

Figure vs. Sticker

The klicky himself is completely accurate!

But why not the same accessories... and those things actually playmoexist... (not that I don't prefer the new burrito, but...)

3. Rex Dasher

Not a favorite either.... He has the same problem as Del - hardly any accessories.. This has always been an issue with the figures, the amount of accessories varies greatly. Also like Del, he appears in two other sets: 70070 - Rex Dasher with Parachute (assuming he's the same under that vest, seems to be) and 70078 - Rex Dasher's Porsche Mission E.

Nice print on the sleeves - though the watch hides quite a bit on one side..

He looks pretty common, as parts go, except the face and hair. Unfortunately, here things are not good. I think the face makes him look very stupid (or fit for adult jokes), and the hair doesn't help. At all. Then again, variety, right? Maybe a different head and a beard can make it usable... I'll need to try that.

There are no stickers for accessories in the whole series - odd, in this case:

Figure vs. Sticker

Another klicky who is spot on, minus watch.

4. Charlie

Obviously another favorite ... A gorgeous viking, in nice colors... Though he also appears in 70073 - Charlie with Prison Wagon and 70076 - Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum, in his case, with all the very useful parts... I'm ok with it

He looks.. big. From the back too

Different arms = ! Though it is almost a crime to use those huge bracers over them!

The boots only have print in the front - looks kinda odd.

The fur belt works great with the printing. But he's fine without the belt too:

However... how do I put this... His naked butt does look... odd.

The hair is a gorgeous lighter blonde, but unfortunately, not a match for Gobber's long whiskers Why? No idea.

His face is nice, though I always find it odd for blonde klickys (and very light blonde, in this case!) to have such dark eyebrows!

The fur cape and belt are new in that color. And so is the helmet, a nice lighter metal with print. Apparently, it should have spikes instead of print, but I think it looks nice. Yes, I know, not historically accurate, but I do like my vikings horned. The shield is also new (the print), though not as nice as the Yellow Viking's (duh, right? )

Figure vs. Sticker

The sticker shows Charlie with no weapon or shield...

The printed legs are a nice solution to playmorepresent the outfit, I think. Though there's that... odd... position. I do believe it would be better to have that armored belt instead of the fur one.. A new printing on the gladiator belt mold would probably do it.

I suppose it was decided not to do a new helmet mold, which is understandable, I guess. Same with the printing.

A stranger decision is the color - he seems to have grey bracers and armband - why does the figure have them in blue?

Queen Tahra, July 2019

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