70069 Series 1

(part 2/3)

5. Marla

A nice recent klicky. Unfortunately also present in 70072 - Marla with Horse

Only Marla had extra packing - the cuttlery came like this:

Why is there need for an extra bag and the rubber band? Didn't prevent a missing knife . The coins came loose in the bag.

I believe this is the version of the character that will be kept. As with the Dragons only one version of a character will be kept.

Is this a new hair color? Seems to be a darker, richer brown..

When I first saw the photos, I hated the face. The crosseyed looked particularly horrid, but I think the worse part was the too strong "blush" on her cheeks (I always prefered the softer ones, regarding that)... Made her look stupid and completely drunk, imo.

However, all the ones we got had those color spots quite discreet, and so doesn't really look bad (though the eyes still bother me some).

Figure vs. Sticker

Marla is depicted in the sticker without the bag, and the clothes are perfect . I don't really like the sticker's pose, but.. maybe it's on.. I will make up my mind after I see the movie.

6. Sheriff

He makes a nice cowboy.

Though the legs are not a favorite sculpt, I suppose they are a good match. I am not very fond of gloves for cowboys... But I think that's just me.

The torso has a beautiful print (and a nice perfect crisp one too!). And the hair and beard combo in grey is amazing.

He has a quite distinctive face. A shame the eyebrows are so... dark. Because Phil Keoghan.

Figure vs. Sticker

The Sheriff is quite alike the sticker. I just think the hat mold is not really the correct one.

7. Centurion


Roman parts are always welcome around here, of course. Especially non-red roman parts - variety and all

The cape doesn't work perfectly with these roman arms. But it's doable.

Bracers are pretty, but I find them too long for the arms - it should be on the wrist, not all the way up to the sleeve. IMO, these don't really work with roman arms (not a new issue though). Maybe there should be a shorter version, with only one buckle.

The printed sleeves are great. And both torso and legs have new print designs, not to mention colors.

Unfortunately, he comes with a normal "female" figure frame, and he should have a "fat/male" one. This makes it quite hard for him to sit.

I like his face too, though here it's the other way around - black hair with brown eyebrows...

The new colors are amazing, and the printed helmet is beyond gorgeous.

Figure vs. Sticker

The Centurion is another perfect playmomatch with the sticker.

8. Robotitron

He's nice, but very familiar looking... besides, he is also on a set of his own: 70071 - Robotitron with Drone.

It's a very good thing the leaflet is different with him, right? Considering.

I suppose the accessories have to do with the movie, so... can't really comment on it (see what I mean? Movie FIRST. THEN figures. ) My sister noted R2-D2 (she's a SW fan) also serves drinks. Just sayin'.

He is almost the same as the old one, which is kinda lame.

This one has "metal" parts instead of grey, but...

Figure vs. Sticker

The only difference here is the blue top of the antenna on the sticker.

Queen Tahra, July 2019

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