70069 Series 1

(part 3/3)

9. Hillbilly

This one makes a really nice farmer... Crazed farmer, that is . A shame about the printed neckpiece. An actual neckerchief would look much better.

The printed sleeves are very nice - a shame he doesn't have a printed back.

I love the hair and beard in this lighter color - unfortunately, not a match with Gobber's long mustache

I am very disappointed that the chicken is not frowning though.

I WANT THAT CHICKEN. I REALLY want that chicken. From the first time I saw the trailer I wanted that chicken. And the winged horsy (that one is fortunately available ).

This guy has the worse eyes of them all - as the more crooked.. Oddly, his eyes seem straighter in the leaflet...

I believe this is a new color for this hat:

Figure vs. Sticker

Well, looking at the sticker, maybe his eyes are too straight?

A shame the chicken is not on there as well

I believe hair like Charlie has would give a better likeness in the front, since it really isn't jagged. However, being the classic hair, I suppose that can basically be used as anything.

10. Spytown Guard

I really like his uniform. Very very nice.

He does need a neckpiece. That is a must, especially with such a large hat. And a few friends in uniform!

His wrists have a printed button, very nice.

I really like him, except the head. The "sad" mouth doesn't seem very playmo to me.. Of course, the hair is probably a goner - but I need to see the movie first.

The frown between the eyebrows gets lost under the hair, and to me it just looks odd. I belive he could use a hair that is shorter on the forehead.

Figure vs. Sticker

The uniform is quite accurate, but the hat, not so much. The one used, with the "earflaps" down doesn't really have a militarist look, imo. The lack of the print doesn't help.

And.. the sticker shows an eyepatch? What gives?! Unless he acquires the thing during the movie (that was not released yet, did I mention that?), it makes no sense at all. And if that was the case, the sticker should match the klicky, I think.

11. Bloodbones

Awesome pirate! And the coolest name too!

Love the printed bracers - a small detail, and makes such a huge difference! The beard.. not a favorite sculpt at all, and this is the reason - it stands out too much - it's too far from the body.

Nice printed feet. The legs' color do make it so there is hardly any contrast between the guy's skin and the bottom of the shorts or the shoes...

And another lovely part - the torso: ripe with potential, I would say!

He has an interesting face print - I suppose he stands out the least because we are used to see black klickys with printed eyes, since.. ever. I mean the pupil on white.

I believe the feather for the hat is new in this odd color:

Figure vs. Sticker

I think the only difference here is the painted bowties on his beard

12. Valera

Not surprisingly, this was always a favorite of mine too. An amazing klicky as is, and with loads of great parts for customs!

I think the colors are beautiful (duh)... The hair is a new color (for the type), I think. Just the weapon = meh. But didn't see the movie yet.

Love the face print, and the arms' too.. And of course the torso = AMAZING. It's just a shame that the boots are only printed in front - looks somewhat strange.

She looks very good without the belt as well. However... uhm.. her naked butt is also odd.

I really like the face print. However, like the new merking in 70097, she has that new darker tan skincolor, making it VERY hard to work with.

I really hadn't noticed in the odd spirit klickys, since they are mostly not useful for customs, but I believe that may be where this new skin color was first used:

I am usually all for variety, but in this case, I believe we lose more than we gain. The tan is bad enough, causing all kinds of incompatibilities - this will make it a lot worse, and next to impossible to be able to make customs using other "skin parts", at least for the time being.

For comparison - tan, dark tan, and indian:

As to accessories, the belt is a new color and print, as is the beautiful hat. The green crest and bracelets are also new in green, I think. Oh, and the neckpiece.. let's not forget the neckpiece. Gods, it's SOOOOOOOO beautiful.

Figure vs. Sticker

She is quite accurately depicted. I think the only difference is the hat feathers, that seem to be just a small bunch on top in the sticker. Still, a good representation

Queen Tahra, July 2019

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