30 December 
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25 December 
16 December 
Our team has grown once again. Now playkingdomshas the Jester to keep us all entertained.

New playmocards updated

05 December 
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02 December 
We're celebrating a special event.... it's our birthday!
playkingdoms went online exactly 2 years after playmoville, so this marks our third year running a Playmobil® fan-site.
We're getting bigger and better as we mature, with new pictures and articles being added regularly.
Thanks to everyone who has visited... we hope you'll come back to see us again!

New custom figures in One Of A Kind

New section at the Museum: Very Special Klickies

New playmocards added!

21 November 
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05 August 
playkingdoms just got two new residents. We welcome Sir Robert and Sir Brian to the team and we hope, with their additional input, to make the site an even better place to visit!
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19 July 
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new article: Brazilian Space Station (30.18.30)
16 July 
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new article: Zwolse Courant

Trade updated.
17 June 
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new article: 3274 - Wolf Clan Knights
31 May FIFA.com
27 May 
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new article: The new Outdoor sets

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created the City: Supermarket and Outdoor: Camping themes
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16 February 
Kevin Smith, 1963 - 2002

Following Kevin's tragic death, as a consequence of his accident in China, a fund has been set up in his name. The Official Kevin Smith Trust Fund is being administered by the Auckland Theatre Company. The trustees for the fund are Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Robert Bruce, and Simon Prast (of the ATC). The proceeds currently being collected will go to benefit Kevin's wife Sue and their three sons. In the long term, the Fund will help the family of actors who may be similarly stricken.

It is the saddest event in the Xenaverse. Our deepest sympathies go to Kevin's family and friends.
For the non-Xenites among us, Kevin Smith was an actor from New Zealand.
He's best known as Ares, God of War in Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules.

29 January 
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new article: The new box design
25 January 
The Book is back online.

The temporary work-around is now history, since the database is restored.

16 January 
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new article: The new Viking theme
new section: Playmobil® Interactive

As a lot of visitors noticed, the Worlds and Book sections have been down, due to a server problem. In a temporary work-around, the Worlds/Themes section is back. Please let us know of any problems you encounter. The Book and the Search will still be down untill further notice.
Worlds updated
new sets and pics were added
01 January 

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