30 December 
New Year playmocards are back online, with an addition!
25 December 
23 December 
Worlds updated
Polar theme divided in Eskimos, Pole Expedition and the new Ex-Di
New sets added
22 December 
New Xmas playmocard added
18 December 
New Xmas playmocards were added!
15 December 
Xmas playmocards are back online!
02 December 
And it's another year at playkingdoms!
Hope you've been enjoying the ride!

To celebrate this special occasion, each resident has been given a make-over by their personal stylist. If you take a browse around the kingdom you will find new pictures of them have been added in the Castle section. There is also a new e-card in the playkingdoms section.

27 November 
24 November 
Museum updated
New One Of A Kind figures, by Countess Krystal, in the Historical section.

New playmocards added: Thanksgiving!

10 November 
playmocards updated
New e-cards added (others)

Library updated
New article in the Library: 4062 - Apartment with Interior Lighting, by Countess Krystal.
31 October 
28 October 
playmocards updated
New scary e-cards, in time for Halloween!
04 October World Animal Day
Today we celebrate World Animal Day. Check out www.worldanimalday.org.uk to know more about it.

In this special day, we bring to life a new section in the e-cards, dedicated to Animals

03 October 
23 September 
22 September 
Museum updated
new building in One Of A Kind: a Western Bank, sent by Count Conrad
new section: Collections, with the Jester's very own medieval town.

Links updated

11 September 
09 September 
Worlds updated
new pics and sets added
05 September 
28 July 
24 July 
03 July 
Museum updated
new page on the Very Special Klickies section
21 June 
New playmocards added
New summer-themed holiday cards

Worlds updated
Added thumbnails the the set lists. This comes with a price: pages.

Our very own Countess Krystal and her creative partner David de warrens have created a playmobil® photo-stories site, Just For Klicks. Obviously, playkingdoms highly recommends it to everybody and their friends.
Though the sites aren't really part of each other, they are somehow close, so you'll see a lot of shameless cross-promotion....

28 May 
playkingdoms has pleasure in announcing the birth of a brand new playmobil© fan-site featuring photo-stories. It's called Just For Klicks!
21 May 
A new playmocard was added
18 May 
Links updated
24 April 
Library changed and updated
New sections created: Promos, Games and Other Products.
Added articles in Promos: Drupa Edition and American Toy Fair (2000).
Added section in Other Products: Stickers.

Minor upgrade on One Of A Kind: added figures by author.
20 April 
11 April 
New playmocards added: Easter!
08 April 
Worlds updated
new pics and sets added
21 March 
Library updated
McDonald's Promo article updated
18 March 
Worlds, Book and Cards are back into working order.
Cards updated
New playmocards are available

Worlds updated
created the First Smile theme
new pics and sets added
14 February 
01 January 

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