27 December 
New Year playmocards are back online!
Have a great 2006!
25 December 
Yes, it's a huge pic, but it IS the tallest XMas tree in Europe (along with a twin in Poland).

The tree is currently on display in Lisbon's main riverside square, Praça do Comércio.

It took 350 people and 44 days to build, it's 72 metres high (the equivalent of a 23-storey building), weighs 180 tons, and is illuminated with thousands and thousands of different colored lights.

21 December 
14 December 
Xmas playmocards are available again!!
02 December 
It's our birthday!!

playkingdoms is now four years old... half a dozen if we count playmoville... sooooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US :)
There is a new playmocard in the "Other" section.

24 November 
22 November 
Thanksgiving playmocards are available again!
31 October 
New playmocards added in the Halloween and Scary sections.
26 October 
Halloween playmocards are once again available!
09 October 
New playmocards added - check out the "Other" section.
Celebrating Bon Jovi's new album, you can tell everyone "Have a Nice Day", playkingdoms' style!
Spread the smirk!
04 October World Animal Day
22 September 
21 September 
19 September 
New playmocard added
Acknowledging the United Nations International Day of Peace, there's new card for the event in the "Other" section.
29 August 
Major update in playmocards!
14 brand new designs added and 2 new sections ("Sorry" and "Anniversary")
Helpful new feature also available for sender: track your playmocards and check that they have been seen by the recipients.

Previously sent cards will be available for a couple of months, and will then be consigned to the ether.

21 June 
27 March 
24 March 
New Easter playmocards available!
20 March 
17 March 
29 February 
Museum updated
New klicky added on the Very Special Klickies section.
17 February 
Official Siegfried and Roy Day in Las Vegas (1978)
14 February 
11 February 
Update in playmocards
Valentine ecards are baaaack
New cards in Valentine, Love & Friendship and Other sections
10 January 
Worlds updated
New sets and pics added
01 January 
New playmocard available: Happy New Year

Worlds updated

info added

Don't miss Countess Krystal's new story: "When Snowy Met Cessy" at Just For Klicks!

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