25 December 
21 December 
05 December 
02 December 
20 November 
New addition in the dios: 2016 - Desert Caravan
(I had to make use of all that sand)
13 November 
The site is moving, so it is now with limited functionality.

There will be changes in content as well...

10 October 
Added reviews for 5393 - Roman Soldiers and 5394 - Caesar and Cleopatra.
This concludes the new history sets reviews in the in the library (final thoughts included).
09 October 
It's roman time in the new history sets reviews in the in the library!
Added 5390 - Roman Galley, 5391 - Roman Biga and 5392 - Roman Ballista
08 October 
Review added for 5389 - Egyptian Camelry, the last egyptian set from the new history sets in the in the library.
07 October 
05 October 
Added in the library - new history sets reviews, beginning with the 5386 - Blue Egyptian Pyramid
04 October World Animal Day
27 September 
Update: The Captain has arrived!

Details later...

22 September 
21 September 
12 September 
New Summer 2016 dios: Snorkeling and Beach
05 August 
10 July 
20 June 
10 June 
19 May 
07 May 
06 May 
Ready for Axl!
01 May 
Journals updated... Boomer Click's adventures continue, right here.
03 April 
Finally.... the last part: Xmasy dio 2015 - Part 6: the aftermath

Yes, I know, it's April.

29 March 
Almost over - Part 5: recovery is now live.
28 March 
And part 4 of the Xmasy dio added as well: Part 4: meanwhile in Lapland...
27 March 
Added part 3 of the Xmasy dio: Part 3: evacuation
21 March 
There is a new area: Journals.... It will feature first hand observations of some klickys... Some people are already familiar with them, especially Boomer Click and Lord Sooks.

These will be added as they work on them, so, it might take a while to get.. current.

20 March 
17 March 
13 March 
Added part 2 of the Xmasy dio: Part 2: oops!
06 March 
Added the Figures Series 9 review in the Library.
17 February 
Review of the Silver Klickys by LAF added in the Library.
14 February 
If you can't beat them, join them. playkingdoms has a page on facebook: right here. We'll see how THAT goes.

And I have started the Figures reviews in the Library - from the last one: Series 10.

31 January 
The museum has a new area: Dioramas

And the first one: Xmasy dio 2015 - a slice of town

01 January 

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