6840 Boys

The elf and african warriors were the first that caught our eye.

1. Knight

Not really much to say about him. Known. And no shield.

Nice parts, though I'm not overly fond of that neckpiece (my bad - but it covers the face, and I don't really like that).

The sword doesn't fit. As usual. The helmet is my favorite kind (among the "big ones")

2. France Fan

A bit of an odd choice (there were no other fans made before - except that dutch bus), but welcome. I really like the hair and painted face, but somewhat wasted on a "recent klicky", I think.

The hotdog is a really nice detail.

3. Pirate Captain

The mandatory pirate. He manages to be different, which is good. Little monkeys always welcome too!

The jacket and those new sleeves in grey are also very nice. I did have some trouble making it work - somehow the jacket doesn't seem to work very well, seeming to make the head lift a little. Not sure why, since there is nothing new there.

Lovely hair+beard combo.

The torso is gorgeous, but disappointingly not white.

4. Park Ranger

A nice recent klicky. The colors are really great too, though somewhat familiar. I suppose he is a good match for the current forest theme.

The arms with the pockets are great!

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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