6841 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Rice Farmer

The highlight of the girls - she is beautiful as is, and also full of promising parts (those legs!)..

And of course the hat!

Now to get a few more...

6. Sauna Woman

She looks great, even if there is actually nothing uncommon about her if we think about it.

A great example of how to make an original figure without having to create ABSOLUTELY nothing new. The klicky is also known:

I wish they'd do this more instead of just picking existing klickys and pack them.

7. Eskimo

Wow. She looks great, and the parts are AMAZING. Hard to go wrong with browns.. It's a shame the hood is not the eskimo one, but oh well...

Wouldn't mind having some more for parts, especially the legs. They are GORGEOUS (I like the stone age sculpt).

Oddly, two of the four torsos were misprinted (in the same way):

Still not sure about her, cause she doesn't really fit with Norum - I mean the existing polar group.. And she's a bit too "brownish" for Scott Institute.

All the snow shoes came like this in the packs:

Unfortunately, I don't think they tested this (unfrackingbelievable). The snow shoes don't really fit. I tried them on the winged fighter and they fit effortlessly over her boots. On these though... fail.

Personally, I don't find this very serious - they don't really fit the figure anyways. I mean, they seem out of place with her, especially in BLUE. And we do have a bunch of klickys on the Scott Institute that will be interested in such items. But to include something that doesn't fit... well..

That said, I want more of her.

8. Transparent Robot

Wonderful idea, poor execution. The male torso spoils it. It is the same as the transparent guy in Series 3. Only pink instead of blue. She also has those fugly shoes instead of nice space boots. Another missed opportunity.

Oh, and they did go to the trouble to make the left/right "female" arms. But not the torso. Go figure.

I am relunctant about cleaning the eyelashes... but not very sure on how to do a female one without the torso - can't even use a piece of armor or large vest over it, which is the rare exception for male torsos in women... I mean, that'd defeat the purpose of a transparent torso, right?

The mirror is a nice touch though, showing only the eyes and mouth

Then again.. what does she need a mirror for? Being in the girls series, she has to be pink AND have a mirror?

The frame is dark pink too, a nice detail... Though the male robot had a transparent frame - way nicer!

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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