6841 Girls

For the girls, the rice planter was the more obvious highlight - the hat! the legs! Also of note were the eskimo (I have a thing for them) and that winged fighter.

1. Queen Of Hearts

Interesting concept... and makes the mandatory big skirt somewhat different than usual.

She's a bit... colorful, but I suppose that is on.

The legs are also very... hearty.

2. Winged Fairy

Please. Isn't she still available? If not, it's for like a few months? Lame. Very lame choice.

Not that she's not nice - she's GORGEOUS (I don't like the hair sculpt, but that's me), but come on.. a bit of originality?!

3. Beauty Queen

Another different take on another big skirt. Unfortunately, again that hair with the hole...

The skirt underneath is quite pretty, and therefore a waste there.

4. Judoka

She is pretty.. and nice parts... after all those belts are really interesting.

But unfortunately a repeat of the existing one - with different hair and a blue belt (instead of black). A shame they didn't give her a different color (the other one's oponent is in blue)...

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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