9146 Boys

(part 1/3)

The spartan was the most anticipated klicky here..

1. Pirate

Yet another pirate (in a long jacket - it's all the rage among them these days ).

He's nice, and that hair in black is new, I think. All the other parts are reused.

I find the trident a bit odd for a pirate, but that is easily fixed - especially since he does have a sword too!

Kinda odd that he has a wristcuff for the hook hand. I don't think that is very usual, though is is NOT the first.

The belt doesn't work too well with the hair. I had trouble to keep it in place.

2. Zombie Mummy

I suppose being barefoot (along with that head) is what reminds me immediately of the carry-along zombie... though they are not THAT alike.

I suppose he is nice to keep the other one company.

The "hair" is great in grey .

The torso print is sort of the same as the bandaged mummy from Series 1, but different color, obviously:

(this is our take on that guy, minus beard, he played a double for the victim on the Xmasy dio 2015: Part 5 - recovery, using a dark wig)

3. Handyman

A well equipped handyman - very nice. Well, hair excepted! There are more tools than places to put them - not a problem, of course!

He does have pretty colors too... yellow (though THAT hair is a goner!)

I believe the belt may be new. It bears some investigation! It is gorgeous, with those little pockets... I may need a couple more!

Though in truth, I didn't quite figure out what to put in the belt in front...

The tools came bagged - in different sized little bags. Examples:

4. Superhero

The mandatory weirdo. Have no idea what's he supposed to be, but at least he has a gorgeous torso print!

Then again, maybe a kid does know what he is meant to be!

The weapon is also welcome - for some reason I really like it.

He also has that "spy neckpiece", very nice and versatile.

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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