9146 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Hendrix

This one makes for a different guitar player. The headband looks great, though that hair hides too much of it, I think. The torso is very nice also.

The guitar is an unusual pearly color.

6. Medicine Man

A nice indian, in pretty colors. He almost has my favorite head warpaint!

I like the hair and cloak, but find the dagger kinda inappropriate..

Well.. maybe the torso is new - or at least not that common (in playkingdoms, at least). And I suppose it HAS been a while since those legs were used... Regardless, they are gorgeous.

I think he looks great from the back too. And using that hair was a good idea too.

7. Viking

Nice colors (and no horns - though I don't mind them, even knowing it is not accurate), but I don't find the samurai neckpiece very.. vikingish. Besides being too big. However, nice parts. And a beautiful shield too.

Another plus - the torso is "polar brown", and GORGEOUS . Not that it can actually be seen under all that.. easily fixed.

He brings a sword AND a big axe, so I guess he is ready for anything

8. Ghost Butler

Though at first looks it seems just another one of these... there are quite a few novelties here. And skulls are always welcome, even if a jello one

I do find it odd when a klicky comes with one of those bases...

The jacket is new, and the hat and torso are nice for a fancy gentleman too... I don't much like the feet mold, but I suppose they fit the rest, it's just a matter of personal taste.

The tray and cover are also new, and look great!

When closed, the lid doesn't fall off. I think we could use some more of these.

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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