9332 Boys

(part 1/3)

1. Rollerblading Paperboy

The idea is great... I mean REALLY great, but poorly executed, imo. The bag and papers are great.. the rest... inadequate, I believe.

In my opinion, rollerblading diapered kids delivering papers just doesn't... fit. I am not sure those existed at the same time. Before, I think the boys in diapers were too young for it. And in more recent times, I suppose a bike would be more used. Are there still paperboys? We have less papers, that's for sure.

Still.. great parts - diapers excepted (yuck). Though at least they're brown...

I love those wristthings! And in a new color too! The torso/sleeves are a nice grey.

The rollerblades as part of those feet is a lousy idea - for me. Since I love the rollerblades, but will avoid the diapers. So, I can only reuse the wheels themselves. Found him the perfect legs though..

Jacket is also nice - though considering the print they should probably be for a rollerblading klicky - and matches the cap (he looks better as soon as he straightens it ). I suppose it would also match his rollerblades but that would mean a diapered klicky. I think not.

So, this is a figure that has a LOAD of potential, as 2 separate ones...

The best parts: the bag and papers, new parts

There are three papers! That's nice...

And the bag, a definite highlight of this series:

The bag will also fit without the vest:

Or even a fat guy (this klicky, a recent custom, volunteered to show it off ):

2. Trapper

I LOVE The colors! I know, not really news.

The hat in grey is absolutely stunning... it looks amazing. And so very useful - along with the fur jacket.

The legs are also one of my favorite sculpts, though the colors aren't new - the printing is, and very nice.

There is also a beautiful ax, in proper colors, and that stone age pouch, in that dark reddish brown!

He is a bit... unmatched, if you think about it - though it is hard to notice at first, since he IS a gorgeous klicky. I even love his hair+beard (but the jacket kinda interferes with the long caveman hair)

What I mean is that the torso color should match the leg print. I suppose the belt kinda hides it, but without it it becomes obvious - and if we assume swapping parts is these figures' purpose... The arms also don't match anything...

Regardless, he is amazing, and perfect for parts. Lots of gorgeous, perfect, useful parts.

3. Green Knight

An odd knight, both in colors and sculpt.

Still.. variety and all, right? It's always good to get parts in new colors, though in truth both the legs and the helmet are far from being favorites of mine..

Ah, and he has caveman hair - nice.

These are all new in this odd bluegreen color... I am not very fond of this sort of helmet, because it covers the klicky's face (I know, silly reason but I can't help it).

I think the cape is a new sculpt, and though a bit bulky, I like it. Oh, and it's yellow.

It reminds me of the ancient medieval capes..

I did wonder if the cape is an existing part, used with a bow for a lady... but I couldn't find it anwywhere.

Update: A fellow playmofriend pointed out that the cape is NOT new - it was used as a bridal veil (including in 5509) and in a lady in an old medieval family add-on (7757). I don't think we have that family, but the brides are with the victorians (for some reason), so, here she is:

And this is a new part. Sucks that it's the other way around. I mean that there is a hole instead of a peg on the cape. Reuse potential severely hampered.

This knight is quite different from any existing ones, I think.

4. Arabian Guard

An interesting looking guard. The first one they did came up short because of the indian legs used.

I really like the prints - they are beautiful... and work very well with the strong red used.

It's nice to have those legs in another color.

Unfortunately, the vest is a normal one, which means it doesn't really fit well..

And it's great to have a speedo belt - even if in gold (who decides these things?!)

Unfortunately, the belt is rubbery, so besides being great at atracting every speck of dust in a three meter radius, I am afraid it will not last 40 years...

I think the parts have potential, but am not sure about the whole...

Queen Tahra, March 2018

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